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Improve sales productivity with AI-powered automated notes

Aiden Technologies saves time and improves rep efficiency by 33% with

Sales teams spend a lot of time on calls, taking notes and analyzing recordings after customer interactions. Without the right tools in place, it can be a tedious process to manually capture information and deliver insights that lead to productive sales opportunities. Fortunately, AI powered meeting notes that write themselves are the perfect solution to increase productivity and improve sales rep
efficiency and engagement.

Watch this webinar to learn how Laura Brown, VP of Sales, Aiden Technologies implemented to help her team:

  • Save time by no longer having to manually take notes
  • Stay fully present during a call to improve customer discovery and engagement
  • Collaborate and share prospect information more efficiently across teams
  • Reduce time to ramp new reps by sharing best practices calls

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Laura Brown Aiden TechAiden_Technologies_logo-removebg-preview-1Laura Brown
Aiden Technologies
VP of Sales