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Otter's Real-Time Notes and Collaboration Tools Help Consulting Firms Like Stax Meet Client Deadlines Quickly and Accurately

Consulting firms often face tight deadlines on client projects. At Stax, integrating Otter into Zoom and Microsoft Teams means the strategic advisory firm can immediately access live-note transcriptions of its research interviews—saving critical time on analysis and interpretation, while also improving information accuracy. Stax also leverages Otter to:

  • Streamline collaboration amongst remote and hybrid team members across two offices, thanks to Otter's centralized storage of interview recordings
  • Meet client confidentiality standards by using Otter's admin controls to limit access to interview recordings containing sensitive data
  • Record internal meetings to ensure agreed-upon action items don't fall through the cracks

Check out this case study to see how Stax uses Otter to save time and increase consulting client satisfaction on its due diligence projects.

Click the image below to download the PDF.

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