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Tools & Strategies for 2023 That Will Keep You Productive in an Era of Economic Uncertainty

5 Ways Your Business can Save Time and Money in 2023

Heading into 2023, companies are facing an uncertain economic environment that may pose a threat to their businesses. Some experts are predicting a recession while others are more positive but still concerned about the effects of high inflation and slowed GDP growth. 

Amid these potential economic challenges, business leaders need to develop strong strategic plans to succeed in 2023. These strategic plans, at the core, must include ways for companies to save time, cut costs, and improve productivity within the organizations. Understanding effective methods for improving productivity while saving money will enable business leaders to guide their companies through adverse economic conditions in 2023.

  • Shifting to a hybrid work model reduces overhead costs for commercial real estate and utilities, as well as lowers employee turnover.
  • Technology and automation expedite repetitive manual tasks, freeing employees to focus on more productive tasks. 
  • Otter allows companies to reduce unnecessary meeting attendance by providing automatic captioning and organized meeting notes, thereby reducing the time and money that companies waste on meetings. 

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