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How Innovative Technology Helps Students and Faculty Succeed

5 Ways Otter Supports Campus Accessibility Programs

The COVID-19 pandemic and an increase in mental health diagnoses amongst U.S. college students, as well as a number of other factors, have driven increased demand for innovative technology within campus accessibility programs. Otter—a live note-taking tool, can improve student outcomes, increase inclusion, and reduce inequalities in educational access across colleges and universities.

Understanding the different ways to use Otter empowers institutions to take full advantage of its capabilities. 

  • Otter's live notes support students in both in-person and remote educational environments.
  • Otter improves educational outcomes for diverse student populations, including those who are deaf or hard-of-hearing, ESL learners, or impacted by a wide range of sensory processing disorders and mental health diagnoses impacting focus.
  • Otter can be utilized to improve productivity and accessibility for faculty and staff, as well as students.

Download this eBook to discover the benefits of Otter for accessibility programs.

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