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Conquer the Discovery Call

Get the checklist Nick and Armand from 30 Minutes to President Club use to close more deals

If you're in sales, you know the drill: there’s always that one rep who seems to have the magic touch on discovery calls. has teamed up with Nick and Armand from 30 Minutes to President's Club to create the ultimate checklist for more effective discovery calls.  

So, whether you're a sales rep or a manager, we've put together this blueprint for replicating the success of your best reps. Think of it as your go-to guide, a template packed with best practices for nailing that discovery call.

Download the checklist today and be sure to check out Otter's new OtterPilot for Sales.  An AI meeting assistant designed specifically for sales reps and sales leaders, it uses AI to write notes, extract key discovery call insights, create a summary and even generate a follow-up email. 

Get the Checklist